Just What Is


You never made me feel beautiful

You never did say what it is you should have

And that weighed me down

What should have brought me dismay

Is how after all these days and I am of age

I should wait on a man’s approval

On this day and as I am of age

I do have the right to say just what is

To be an African in the motherland

To be an African woman in the heart of the cradle of mankind

Is to be certain that by the God given rains

That the future is yours for the taking

To be strong and steadfast in the hope of a better future

To be independent but not desolate

And when he raises his hand against you

We should understand that once is more than enough reason to leave

And the only way we can have the strength to leave

Is to know we deserve better

Than that of fists instead of words

Liaison instead of tainted words

Which break your heart and spirit

And to those brothers who remain of repressive ways

You can continue belligerently treating me

And underestimating me

But I have had my forefathers fight to the death

For my freedom as an African

My worth as a woman

You could forsake your immature ways

And join the fight against woman abuse in Africa

Women help Africa beautiful. 


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