Official tale about the Unofficial girl

ImageI shake the contents of your bottled heart

Through pushing you to live outside the box

I know your arguments of sophistry

And I have entertained them too long

Why should we make rules

That govern our untameable spirits

And that is how we made it here

Where we do what comes naturally

Whilst the only guide we have is our heart beat, entwined

That is why I shake it out

By dragging you out of the shadows

To the lit pathway of love, hope and charity

You could only manoeuvre a few kilometres

Before I convinced you to let go of that baggage

Why burst our fragile bubble of joy

Why jeopardise our life line with past broken promises dashed dreams

This road gets foggier with every step

But the destination is not as important as right now

In this boulevard I hold your hand

Squeeze it tighter as I hear the vicious hound dogs

Threaten to end us with logic and reason

Because honestly speaking we do not know what we are

And in this avenue you hold me closer

My mind cannot help but hang out with Doubt

If this will persevere to new streets and corners

I adore everything about us

As your every kiss imprints on my heart

And they get deeper with every embrace

We do not say what we express

Such formalities have depressed me a while

That is when I let go of the safety bar

But then we both know your irresistible classic comebacks

To officially begin our unofficial journey

Can I now rest my head on your chest?

And completely surrender my mind, body and soul

Let your illegal hands hold me tighter

And from time to time let your lips trespass onto mine

We will keep at it

With an unknown destination, undefined relation, unanticipated goal times

In all this uncertainty

I am only sure of two facts, you being here

And that there is nothing official about us being officially together.    



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