Mr Chiyadzwa

No one gave him a second look

That tore past his ligaments

Unkempt, ill-fated, insignificant, ill-favoured

Insulted, abused and assaulted by such facts in the face

Facts of the past that had society make him

With the exception of those reliant on him

He was otherwise known as nobody

To the ignorant nation he was the absence of colour

Who hailed funny talking descendants

Laying dormant in the east of the country

Slowly and carefully hatching a plan of diamonds

That everyone wanted and not everyone got

Then with their discovery came his notorious road to fame

The wailing of the people who woke him from his slumber

Their suffering soon became what he thrived on

Mr Chiyadzwa became an escape goat for get rich fast swindlers

His home housed escapee persons whom school had not befriended

For they found common ground on the absence of the certificate

He single headedly built his hometown into a city

But what about the rest of us?

He held that much responsibility

But are we not the ones who belittled him?

And such questions roused the pandemonium which reeked of havoc

As the impatient started planning their lives

Around the luck of being Mr Chiyadzwa’s promised few favourites

I do not judge them

And the academics were naïve enough to convince themselves they could tame his future

He is a beast

And their lack of compassion let him out

I do not judge him

But I looked puzzled to hide

As the road to hell is paved with good intentions

He did only that which we had taught him

To be passive and ignorant

Everyone was candid about the good stuff

And few gossiped about the unlucky thousands

Whose lives he robbed

Or innocence he defiled

Great women molested of their hearts

Grown men’s bodies broken to pieces

And his rampage heartlessly stole our souls

But are we not the ones who destroyed his humanity first?

And we broke each other

I do not judge us the illiberal nation

We neglected him to wonder about the forests

Only to make him the very thing we fear.  




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