The Peter Hurting

As anger soars through my every vein

As heartache renders me heartless

As pain squanders my memory savings

As hurt vaporises my joys

It rings too familiarly to Peter

To ruin me just as much as he did

He is the standard by which gentlemen can endanger ladies


Yours can never surpass the Peter bar

His was the first and last of such pain

His was the disillusionment of the shattering kind

His was the end of sweet nothings

His was the measurement that gave way to cruelty or rather clarity


Yours is child play compared to Peter

Your eyes do not stare at me with hatred

Your eyes do not banish me to be unworthy to exist

Your smile does not make me skip a beat

Your smile does not end my security

Your hands do not clench in my presence

Your hands do not threaten to end my existence

You but just caused a crack in my heart

Peter on the other hand, almost ripped it open

Be glad you are not remotely close to hurting me as much as Peter did

For I will not have to deal with you as I did with him

For I became a renegade from the principle of his presence

I made myself into a better person

I made him regret his child like actions

I made him beg and plead to be in my midst

I made him the man he never was.    


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