Colourful Days

So started the song of a thousand hymns

A journey of harbours, garages, hangars

The greatest of prohibitive tendencies shun to non-effectiveness

A hapless heart, a hopeless heart finding rhythm simultaneously

Prolonged special moments, times of acme

Forever saying goodbye twirled them into acapella

It was to part just the physical reality

Not the real, not the genuine strings attached

They were colourful days, the colour of love vividly visible


I can imagine how she felt

Being held so close yet they so faraway

I can imagine how he felt

Loved but not comforted

But when they did meet

For those long awaited few days

Black and white became bright yellow baby blue

I can imagine they had colourful days


I do wonder how she survived

Her present, his past, their future

I am curious to know how he let go

All those difficult times

She loved him, healed him

Despite having dark grey days

They could look to the future; together

In search of those colourful days


I too felt her pain

Having to let go her piece of heaven

A lot of nights where she hoped to never wake up

A lot of days she wished were a nightmare

But when she looked into their eyes she had strength

Strength to fight and help them have colourful days.    


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