Room 13’s Lesson

It is true; you do feel it before it happens

It comes as a gut feeling in your stomach

But you shun it away in fear of paranoia

And it persists on your conscience

Then you it off in the hope it is just a feeling

Unfortunately in a few minutes you find you are right

His hands pull you back and you try to scream

You are then choked by the hands, by your fear

You cry pleading for mercy

Simultaneously fighting for your life

You wish one of your loved ones

Passing right in front of your eyes

Would wake you up from this nightmare

You persist on the fight, he gets more frustrated

He punches your face in

But you still do not feel the pain

Because you know the worst part is coming

You cross your legs

Squeeze your eyes shut

You pray harder than you ever have

He reaps away your blouse and smiles

You stare at him in horror as you cannot understand

How your own countryman would defile you like this

You start to wonder where the love is in this world

If home is no longer your safe haven

You realise gone are the days

When women were the prize jewel of any country

You cry even harder; not because of the pain

But that all of your tears do not soften his heart

It beats melted to stone

An d even as he violently robs you of your womanhood

You feel more sorry for him than yourself

For a man with no heart surely does not know love

And this monster of barbaric ways never deserved it

And as you slowly lose consciousness

You feel you have lost the fight

You feel its better you die

Than to live life after this downfall

What you do not know, understand is

You will fight and you will survive

And nurse the child born of such tragedy

To love a woman more than himself

To never forget a woman’s worth

To cherish a woman

For she will always hold his heart in place

Keep the house in check

And the country in its highest esteem

And as a woman, you will grow to love yourself more. 





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