In My Enesty State Of Mind (part2)

This is how you chose to say goodbye

No beat, no song, just my acapella heart of sojourn

And there is what you told me today

With more of  your actions and less of your words

That the boy I befriended is gone away

If its to the sea, I will buy a ship

If its home, then here is a road trip

And if he is dead then allow me a world in the spirit world

To say goodbye to my rock abruptly softened

I’ll lie, I’ll die if I deny goodbye means exactly what it means

Even though I see you everyday

I just smile and indulge in a conversation or two

Which always kills any hope of a fire

I look at you and see a man

But when I search further I find traces of the boy who was once naïve enough to love me

The boy who forgave not this man of redundancy

I am not broken just fractured

A chip of my ego peeled off

As I realise the boy moved on a long time ago

I have just been holding on to his holograph

I have been dinning with his reflection

If I cannot have it real, then, deny me the pleasure completely

I will not play the blame game because the players are vindictive

I hold back tears on the brink of forming a waterfall

I sit on a time bomb of anger that could be the end of me

so as you leave, please move out quietly

I need to concentrate on this balance, held of fragility

Switch off the light

The darkness will only give me strength

To relight my life and not owe it to anyone

You have taken everything except my potential

Yours sincerely, formerly yours. 





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