Goodbye(RIP Daddy Jan1957-July12 2003)

On shattered nights I crumple in my blankets

Shivering in my warmth, Shaking in my steadiness

Tears make a musical tone as every drop drops a long height, shaping my pain

If I had been there when you took your last breathe

If I had been there when your life flashed in front of your eyes

I would have held your hand and told you its alright

Honestly I would have given you a risen to fight on

I saw in you a world I could escape to, my safe haven

A world as if sanctified by innocence

I could indulge in your companionship forever and a day

Now I would appreciate it just one more day

Saddened by the sudden arrival of declivity

I start to cherish wise words I cannot keep on hearing

Again a picture is drawn of my tears shaping my pain

As those eyes lost life I cannot help but hold on to memory 

A stare was more than a look but a conversation

And your eyes, yes those I inherited

They were a door way to your soul, heart and spirit

That’s how transparent you were, that’s how transparent life should be

Your eyes filled the room with a feeling of belongingness

As they lost their spirit I lost my home

I had no warning, I have no shelter

I have no you and I, then I have no joy

That’s the reality I have to face when I came out of hiding in memory lane

The stars dim, the sun darkens

As well withers in my life pathways

I must embrace the gift of life

I haven’t found the strength yet but I know you installed it in me

The strength to go on and find my own escape

This is my goodbye, I shed a tear again



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