My Apparent Misguided Gratitude

I am justified in saying what it is I saw

Which was the simple truth

He had been troubled for as long as I knew him

And that was long enough

He moved from concubine to concubine

Not because he was that irresistible

But simply because he was too broken to face reality

To mend himself and be upright that is to be upstanding

He never spent much time at home

Not as much as he did the last days

I am sure we all reminded him

Of how he was wasting his life away

Sure he took good care of us

A watch for my birthday; a new car for mother dearest

But he could never buy away our concern

We just wanted him to be happy

Because when the Viagra wore off, and the beer excreted

I could see the sadness in his eyes

Much was it that it brought a tear to my eye

He would just spend a day at home

And say he could not stand our slow pace life

He missed the bright city lights

The same ones that darkened his soul

And then the prodigal son and brother came back home

The city he loved had chewed him out

Limping and hardly alive and I knew he was not going back

Mukondombera took his flesh and brain cells

But on that death I saw a new man reborn

I saw him become the great man he was truly  meant to be

I saw him become the brother I needed

I saw him off on the day of his departure

He smiled to me with what little strength he had left

And I smiled back in approval of what he had become

And I am glad mukondombera came to save my brother’s soul

From the evil world

Which robbed his spirit

I am grateful I got the chance

To witness my brother finally become a true son of the soil

And remember where home was

Even though it took mukondombera to settle him down

And mend his broken dignity.





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