The day of the African Child

There I lay huddled in a blanket of despair

First streaks of sunlight offered no condolence

it didn’t give life to the growing grass but only left it yearning

I guess nature’s laws altered for that one day

Procrastination would have been the answer if I were to stand alone

But I had taken a vow, an oath, a pledge to stand for who I am

If I were a master of time prolongation would have been my skill of choice

But I am not; the day of the African Child had come

Our anxiety filled eyes glistened in the early morning dark

Eager to see to it we had a freedom of expression

Our shoulders heavy with responsibility to change the future

Together the body busied with preparations to take back tomorrow

Our legs though tired from the injustices we had to runaway from wanted to go on


They had governed the way we talked, how we dressed

Further beckoning us from our heritage

Which we had held so preciously not so long ago

Our young African minds came together that fateful morning

We were going for a day not to be returned

We took to the streets


The buildings stood out in silhouette

No birds chirped, no chortle from the people,

No bustling in the streets

It was as if all had been warned off by our COURAGE


We were young and once upon a time frivolous

Reality sunk in soon, too soon

We learnt we had no foundation; no education

We had no foreseeable future; no abominable future

We rose for our rights

Many were shocked by our SPIRIT


There we lined in a void where none of their voices penetrated

Stick and stones broke our bones but never our spirits

We didn’t feel the need to be integrated into that people to find favour

We didn’t need to be extricated but maybe educated

We strode onwards in fervent, ardent burning pursuit

They were silenced by our PASSION


Yes we can; Yes we will; yes we did

They came to  stop us but our cries had already echoed

Some of us never saw the day we became important

Others stood the test of time and were rewarded for our efforts

They were surely amazed by our DETERMINATION


Our mothers moaned over us; Some of us our siblings got a better future

Weeks, months, years later, those present could still hear the echo of our songs and marching

Our COURAGE, our SPIRIT, our PASSION, our DTERMINATION was driven by our love for liberation

After all has been said and done

I, the African Child make my way home

Where hope is no longer a myth and liberty a right

Where my brothers and sisters in tradition meet in the day of light

Where I can really learn of my world

But above all I can embrace who I am; an African Child




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