I am a Poet. Poetry is Me.

Poetry has an unwillingness to be defined, labelled, or nailed down.

Poetry is the chiselled marble of language. It is a paint-spattered canvas, but the poet uses words instead of paint, and the canvas is you.

By Mark Flanagan

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I am a young free-spirited African writer trying to embody pan Africanism in my daily life. I use this blog to share my thoughts, views, experiences and most importantly my poetry. Happy reading and if I inspire you, pass the word around and inspire the next person

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    If I cry, does it mean I don’t have faithHas the love I am surrounded by failed meOr have I been building sandcastles all alongI keep at it, in between sobs that are carried away by the wavesInsignificant in an already salty water bodyWhere do my tears go, the onlyContinue reading “Ocean View”
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